Pakistan is experiencing a rapid population growth for a quite a while now. However, the negative impact, which is behind the dreadful diseases like cancer.

According to CNN news researches, 1500 per year are most of children, women and young face dreadful diseases. Amongst them, more than 300 are children less than 13 years. Blood, bone, and throat cancer caused by “Edible By-Products” like juice, ghee oil, etc.

A decade record of cancer patients (of various body organ cancer) in Balochistan shows a rapid rate of disastrous. Very poor causative ingredients cause these diseases. Moreover, this is the reason that the average life years of every individual are decreasing.

For the cure and to coup such sorts of disease, we have to bring a fundamental change in the science field. We have to use “Genetic Engineering” and quite huge modification of cultivation “agriculture” because Edible By-Products are dependent upon natural fruits and vegetables.

Thus, for the fatal disease like cancer, we need more cancer hospitals. It is about time to save others and ourselves.


Turbat, April 1.