The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


April 19, 1943, like any other Nazi-occupied territory the Jewish were out and about. A violent revolt took place that day; it was the residents of a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland. It is important to note that back in the day Poland was under Nazi occupation.

The Warsaw uprising had a background, there were repeated skirmished between the Nazir forces and native ghettos whenever the latter were ordered to move to any other territory. As the Nazis established Jewish ghettos throughout Eastern Europe, Warsaw was the largest one perhaps.

Back in the day, Henrich Himmler sent in his forces to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto. Himmler was one of the leading members of the Nazi party and is amongst few individuals directly responsible for the Holocaust. Himmler`s forces met resistance from several Jewish fighters however they were clearly outnumbered against Himmler`s forces.

Almost seven thousand Jews perished during the war while fifty thousand survived, sent to extermination or labor camps later on.

Warsaw remains one of the deadliest uprisings in Jewish persecution history, which later resulted in various other uprisings. Benjamin Meed says and I quote, “The entire sky of Warsaw was red, completely red.”