The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been plagued by politics for a very long time now, which has not only prevented the growth of the sport in the country but has also hindered the effective management of the cricket regime. The recent controversy to stem out of PCB is regarding the reforms of cricketing structures in the country. This plan was being pursued by the PCB chief Ehsan Mani but majority of its Board of Governors (BoG) members took a rebellion route to upstage his plan. The 53rd meeting of the board was adjourned because five of the seven present members staged a walkout.

It has only been a couple of years since international cricket is being revived in Pakistan. Under such pressing times, it is important that the focus of the board responsible for governance is on cricket rather than their internal politics. Cricketing reforms within the country are necessary to give the sport a boost and encourage more and more young people to try out for the national team. We have witnessed the result of one national championship in the form of excellent players. If such initiatives are encouraged only then we will see the situation improving.

At the same time, the PCB chief has the prerogative to take such decisions. He also has the support of the Prime Minister. At this point, the lack of coordination between the BOG will push the government to formulate an ad-hoc body that will be responsible for decision making. If people elected within the BOG cannot resolve issues amongst themselves and ad-hoc bodies have to be created, there is a great chance that they will not have an understanding of the situation, which makes it difficult to come up policies which are not only feasible but also produce the desired results.