LAHORE  -   Who says romantic comedies are dead? With the likes of Wrong No.and Mehrunnisa We LubYou, many Pakistani movies have helped in reinvigorating the genre and rom-coms are in the middle of resurgence.

With its first teaser reveal, the most awaited rom-com of the year, Wrong No. 2 is off to a starry start. If your lives are devoid of jam packed comedic sequences, hilarious dilemmas, and playful spoofs, you don’t need to wait much longer for a good laugh at your family movie night.

Neelam Munir and Sami Khan take lead roles in this epic teaser. Though the teaser doesn’t reveal much in terms of the storyline, it shows the characters as they showcase a variety of clever and snappy bits, with some hilarious game changing twists that are clearly landing them in trouble.

Filled with sassy one liners and upbeat music, the teaser balances humor and the heart perfectly.

Wrong No. 2 offers much more than just laughs, though the punch lines have us cackling. At the bottom of it, there is some real intense family drama. As the rich girl and poor guy fall in love, their love has to face a lot of obstacles along the way like everyone else. The movie just does a hilarious take on those genuine obstacles. With some cute moments and a whole lot of trouble, Wrong No.2 seems to be the perfect entertainment package. Endearing, enchanting, and full of odd shenanigans, the teaser has gotten everyone excited for the release.

Wrong No.2 sports a strong cast with veteran actors including Jawed Shaikh and Mahmood Aslam, along with the multi-talented Yasir and Danish Nawaz and is produced by Hasan Zia and Amjad Rasheed.

 A romantic comedy wrapped up in a sweet package, Wrong No.2 appears to be as entertaining as its prequel, and might be up there with the pinnacle of Pakistan’s finest entertainment movies.