The Sports Journalists Association of Sindh (SJAS) strongly condemns the continued unacceptably rude attitude of Pakistan cricket team captain Younus Khan towards the Pakistani media. It has now become a regular feature of Mr. Khan's behaviour that he does not talk to media upon his arrival from abroad. The media personnel lose sleep and home comfort to wait for him at airport at odd hours but he simply refuses to oblige as he did after coming home from Sri Lanka recently. His immaturity as captain on the field is noted but his rude behavior is now becoming a real issue with the media who have a professional duty to report on him. Mr. Younus Khan should realize that with the honour of captaincy come a host of other responsibilities that he has to fulfill. Mr. Khan had been brusque with the media upon his return home after winning the T20 World Cup in June. Then he lashed out at the media that had gone to cover him at his residence in Karachi. The SJAS has taken strong note of this routine and requests the Chairman PCB Mr. Ijaz Butt to give his team skipper a proper briefing on how to behave with the pressmen. -SARDAR KHAN, President, SJAS, Karachi, via e-mail, August 11.