By S.M. Hali The death of nine Christians in the town of Gojra at the hands of fanatics must be condemned, the perpetrators of the crime brought to justice and the government must investigate this heinous crime against humanity thoroughly to apportion blame and responsibility where it is due and also ensure that it is never repeated again. The appalling deed is contrary to all norms of humanity and in direct violation of the tenets of Islam as well as the teachings of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the father of the nation. It is heartening that the people of Pakistan and its parliament were in unison in not only condemning the incident but the PM and CM Punjab visited Gojra in an effort to recreate the harmony that had been shattered by fanatics. Peace rallies were held in all major cities in support of our Christian brothers and sisters, not only by human rights groups and political parties, but by Islamist religious groups. Initial reports indicate that militant extremists from out of town came to Gojra and incited the people to act against the Christians in a trumped up charge of desecrating pages from the Holy Qurn. The preposterous aspect is that Indians held an orchestrated protest rally in front of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi against the slaying of 9 Christians at Gojra. The International community has also taken cognizance of the incident. This smacks of duplicity on the part of the West. Last year alone in the Indian state of Orissa, more than 600 Christians including priests and nuns were massacred by fanatic Hindus, some of them burnt alive; their properties were torched and more than 10,000 Christians fled to the forests to escape the violent and maniacal homicidal outbursts by the extremist Hindus. This is not the first incident of its kind as sporadic incidents of mass killing of minorities in India keep occurring at frequent intervals. Sometimes it is the carnage against Muslims in Gujarat and Mumbai, targeting Sikhs in New Delhi and Amritsar, against Dalits and not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri Muslims, who are slaughtered regularly as a policy of ethnic cleansing. The world remains oblivious to these monstrous acts of genocide but has taken Pakistan to task for the slaying of 9 Christians in Gojra. Not that the nine Gojra Christians, whose lives were sacrificed at the altar of hate and blasphemy, were any less precious than those slaughtered in Orissa or two wrongs make a right, but Pakistan accepts culpability for this crime against humanity, its people and leaders are united in sharing the grief of their Christian brothers and sisters with every effort being made to apprehend and punish the actual perpetrators of this heinous crime. In light of such instant and immediate actions, the censure Pakistan is being meted out is unwarranted. Especially when compared to the reign of terror unleashed by the Indians against Muslims, Christians, low caste Hindus who have dared to raise their voice for their just rights or have simply been victimized owing to their religion, caste or creed. Kashmiri youth are regularly kidnapped, tortured and forced to sign "confessions" that they are terrorists and have received training in Pakistan. Refusal on their part results in extra-judicial killings. Mass graves were unearthed last year, in various parts of the Held State. Yet no legal action has been taken against the Indian forces. A more disturbing phenomenon, which has been hinted at by investigating authorities into the Gojra carnage, reveals the paw prints of Indian spy agency RAW, which has been already found complicit in crimes of instigation, abetment, training and arming separatist elements in Balochistan and terrorists in FATA and Swat. Pakistan has already provided the international community and India, irrefutable evidence of its collusion in the areas mentioned. The proof ranges from weapons of Indian origin, communication equipment, and Indian currency to actual Indian citizens, disguised as Taliban or Al-Qaeda, being apprehended or killed in action. The fact is that hardliner Hindus never accepted the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah did a major favour to us by providing us Pakistanis a sanctuary from the atrocities of the Hindus, otherwise the act of independence would have been only a change of masters for us from the British to Hindus, except that the Hindus would have been more ruthless than the British. Indian Hindus have never forgiven Pakistan for what they consider the desecration of "Mother India". They have sworn to avenge the partition and restoration of "Akhund Bharat". In light of this their odious plot to destabilize and dismember Pakistan and gobble up the pieces should not come as a surprise. In pursuance of their dastardly aims, they will certainly leave no stone unturned. It is up to the Pakistani leadership and media to expose the monstrous Indian stratagem and convince the international community that Gojra was no Orissa and Pakistani nationhood is the victim.