THE warning by NASA that Pakistan and India could go to war over the sharing of Indus waters should be taken seriously. At fault is New Delhi which the NASA believes is responsible for the whole situation. It has warned that Pakistan will run out of water because of India's diversion of Indus waters, the building of dams and pumping of underground water have pushed the water table to a very low level and at a speed where it cannot be replenished by the natural process. The NASA is right in its assessment that this could spell disaster for Pakistan's agriculture. Because of the global warming which is depleting the fresh water resources by making the ice on the glaciers melt at a fast speed, the prediction that water will be the oil of the 21th century and that wars would be fought over it, could become an ugly reality. Though Pakistan in the recent past has done its best to assert its claim over its share of the Canal waters, it is obligatory upon the World Bank to wake up to its duty and compel India to respect the Indus Waters Treaty and not create a situation that could lead to war between the two nuclear armed neighbours.