As usual time too, the federal and provincial rescue and relief organizations are being criticized for their poor performance in the worst rain battered areas in the country, However, the quality and performance of 'rescue and relief; actions of Pakistan Army in Karachi and other areas of the country is highly admired by all and sundry. As we know that there are numerous charity and relief organisations operating in Pakistan today but they lack coordination among themselves during a catastrophe, it is suggested that they coordinate their efforts with other federal and provincial organisations and agencies for an effective and efficient performance in accessible and inaccessible areas in Sindh and Balochistan where rain victims are in the worst hit.

It was seen that the performance of federal and provincial relief organisations, among others, has led to unprofessional and wasteful relief during past disasters in the country, when funding dwindles because of poor planning during the relief, then, the ill-fated victims, the displaced and poor suffer and relief items go waste or land into markets because corrupt relief organisations officers sell those at throwaway price. Better planning, coordination and implementation of plans can provide better rescue and relief to the victims and rehabilitate them in an easy and effective manner.


Islamabad, August 6.