In the recent press conference (14th August) by US Gov. Official (Aired on BBC/CNN), reporters asked multiple times as to why the US does not categorizes the event in Egypt as a coup. The answer by the official was clear that the US Gov. representatives have decided not to determine it as a coup, in keeping with the interest of US, and that designating it as a coup will have certain limitations. This stance has openly exposed the double standards in the foreign policy of US. Gone are the days, when the US would make a stance on foreign policy, followed by propaganda, and year’s later people discovered that it was a lie, such as the case of WMDs in Iraq.

With events in Egypt, and the US insistence that Sisi's steps were not a coup, it clearly shows that what is implied is recognition of the credibility of Sisi's Government and a continuation of Military Aid, irrespective of the actions of Sisi. The result is directly emboldening Sisi, who has now initiated a massacre of peaceful protesters. In the last decade, the world witnessed, Afghanistan and Iraq being bombed into accepting 'Democracy', and in Egypt we see that US is only interested in defending Democracy as long as it serves its interests, otherwise democracy needs to be booted out, and remolded such that its leadership is palatable to the west, and only then will it be allowed to flourish! This also has a stark resemblance with the events in Pakistan, where the US supported both democracy and dictatorship as long as its regional interests were being catered to.

Fortunately, for the Muslims, it has now become overwhelmingly clear, that Democracy is but another tool in the toolkit of the US, by which it manipulates the Muslim world. With trust in democracy eroding, it’s natural for Muslims to revert to the governing model which emanates from their belief, i.e. Caliphate. In the coming days, as the debate on the political future of Muslims in Egypt is placed in limelight, it is imperative for sincere intellectuals, journalists and thinkers to rationally evaluate all options. As rightly asked, in a tweet, by the famous journalist Christiane Amanpour, "And when do 'Liberals' in Egypt start worrying about their new ‘road map’ to democracy? Surely everyone knows you can't kill your way back to democracy."


Lahore, August 15.