The entire nation remained glued to their TV sets on August 15 for almost 5 hours to watch a man outside his car brandishing two automatic weapons in his hands and challenging Islamabad Police not to come near him. He was accompanied by his wife and two kids. The SP operations were apparently bold enough to walk up to the couple for negotiations. The SP Dr Rizwan did show some guts to get close to the desperado to disarm him. Had this SP got some commando training, he would have easily overpowered the armed man and the matter would have been finished within an hour or so. The same action which was required of the SP was performed by Mr Zamurad Khan a PPP leader.

The armed man kept threatening the police force and the Rangers, the drama continued for about 5 hours but nobody could dare to arrest him or shoot him.

Seeing this action one would remember the bold actions of Air Martial Noor Khan and Late Brig T M Shah, who overpowered the fully armed highjacker’s of a PIA plane, which was a more difficult situation as the lives of many passengers were at stake. The SP was well built and got many chances to pounce on the armed man while negotiating with him. The action by Mr Zamurad puts some doubt in the mind of anti-terrorism trained people, do we have any? The normal reaction of the desperado should have been to kill him rather than firing in the air.

Zamurad fell down and could not get hold of him and Sikandar (the armed man) jumped back. There is something shady in this encounter, either Sikandar knew Zamurad that he spared his life or was Sikandar a PPP worker who recognised Zamurad and did not fire? It definitely needs investigation before we announce the highest gallantry award for Mr Zamurad.


Lahore, August 16.