The newly appointed Governor Punjab’s voice for Kalabagh dam feels like a fresh breeze that precedes rains as harbinger of Allah’s mercy. It appears God Almighty has sent a deliverer for Pakistan to steer it on a path of prosperity with a fresh look at the Kalabagh dam that so far has been a taboo word for the likes of Mr. Gillani and Raja Rental that have doomed the PPP by their anti national policies. PML-N would do well to energize the efforts of new Governor Punjab who has the courage and credibility to think out of the box. Even the great Khan has been rendered to soft pedalling on Kalabagh dam issue by his handpicked Chief Minister, who without any reason has chosen to oppose Kalabagh dam.

In fact there is no need for a fresh mandate on Kalabagh dam as the historic Water Accord of 1991 clearly states in paragraph six that any feasible dam ought to be built on Indus to compensate the loss of three rivers given to India. Unfortunately only one dam i.e. Tarbela was built in the last four decades and Kalabagh dam was kept on the back burner purposely by anti national policies of politicians who have proved to be unequal to meeting challenges facing Pakistan.


Lahore, August 3.