While I thank Dr Farid Malik for his comments on my letter, my purpose was to highlight the lacuna in the NFC Award where the provinces have been given the right of first use of any resources within their borders. The point to ponder is can Punjab afford to be deprived of the power not only from Tarbela dam but also from Bhasha, Skardu, Bunji and Dasu dams which are all in KPK. No amount of power from biogas, solar or wind can compensate for the denial of power from the mega dams. Yes, Punjab has coal but will any of these give us water? Punjab will not get any water even from Akhori dam without a link canal to Jhelum River from the dam. The link from Kalabagh dam is already denied to Punjab. Is Nawaz Sharif aware of the situation when he talks of overcoming loadshedding in the country by building many small dams in KPK?


Lahore, August 17