All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) here Monday rejected Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) call for civil disobedience in the national interest.

The APTMA Central Chairman Yasin Siddik stated that export-oriented textile industry cannot afford uncertainty and staled situation anymore, as it is becoming difficult for the textile industry to meet international commitments due to hinderances in the timely shipmentsand there is a strong chance that future orders can be placed to other countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh etc. Siddik said that prevailing uncertainty is affecting the textile exports by $38 million per day.

“We are businessmen and we cannot afford to go into civil disobedienceand cannot defy the laws of the land.

All we stand for a stable and peaceful working business environment so that we may fulfill our obligations to our country and clients,” he added.

Meanwhile, Punjab APTMA Chairman S.M. Tanveer said that textile industry in Punjabwas a direct victim of political uncertainty and present call for civil disobedience. The APTMA, he said, keenly envisaged to operate textile industry at its fullest potential so as to avail opportunities of market access and increase national exports manifold.

The APTMA leaders also urged all theparties concerned to bring normalcy back to the country in the larger interest of the economy to end the stalemate situation at the earliest.