The business community including traders, industrialists, chambers of commerce, legal fraternity and other segments of society strongly condemned PTI Chairman Imran Khan's call for civil disobedience and termed it a revolt against the Pakistani nation.

According to details, the All Pakistan Textile Processing Mills Association (APTPMA) expressed grave concern over the prevailing turmoil and unrest, saying that the ongoing Azadi and Inqilab marches and sit-ins had badly affected economy, export and business.

APTPMA Central Chairman Sheikh Muhammad Ayub said that due to the prevailing chaos business and trade activities had been hampered and wheel of industry had virtually been jammed. Loss of billions of rupees has been occurred and labourers are being jobless due to closures of factories and trade.

He rejected the civil disobedience call given by PTI Chairman, saying that such calls would ultimately harm economy and the country.

Similarly, the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) said that the ongoing protest marches, sit-ins and civil obedience movement had forced the business community to openly and vocally condemn all such steps leading towards economic disaster, said FCCI Senior Vice President Riazul Haq.

Addressing a hurriedly called press conference here, he said that everyone was fully aware of the fact that industry was running on 30 to 40 percent capacity because of energy crisis while the recent political uncertainty had now made it impossible to continue the industrial wheel move.

He said that the business community was the third largest stakeholder of the country as it was contributing 66 percent of the tax revenue. He said that various governments had failed to resolve their problems but despite of their haughty and stubborn attitude the business community never refused to pay taxes as it was high treason not only to the sitting Government but also to the state of Pakistan.

He condemned the PTI's civil obedience move and assured the government that being patriotic Pakistanis, the business community of Faisalabad would continue pay due share of taxes and other liabilities.

He regretted that negative political activities had inflicted colossal loss to the exports that recorded a steep decline in the first month of financial year 2014-15. Pak Rupee has also depreciated while people of twin cities (Rawalpindi-Islamabad) are in a state of quandary. Similarly, the businessmen of both the cities are facing economic loss of Rs3 billion on a daily basis.

We request the political forces to avoid such activities that may cause damage to national economy. We also request Imran Khan to withdraw his civil disobedience move and also request to all the Chambers of Commerce in Pakistan to play their due role in dragging out Pakistan from the current political crisis. The meeting was also attended by heads of various businesses and trade associations including Anjuman-e-Tajran City (Regd), Sizing Association, Printers Association and confectionary association in addition the executive members of FCCI.

In Sargodha, the Anjuman-e-Tajiran, the Sargodha Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the District Bar Association rejected the announcement of civil disobedience by PTI head Imran Khan. President Anjuman-e-Tajiran Khawaja Ahmed Hanif, General Secretary Sheikh Naeem Kapoor, Sargodha Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Sheikh Zahid Saeed, Vice President Irfan Butt and others said that politics of protest, sit-ins and marches was pernicious for the economy and progress of the country. They rejected the civil disobedience call, saying that all segments of society would only work for the betterment of country. They also termed the PTI chief's call contrary to the Constitution.

In Bahawalpur, Imran Khan's call for civil disobedience received mix reaction and people from different walks of life expressed different views over it.

Some were of the view that Imran's call was a sign of disappointment and childish move which was harmful to the country. They suggested that Imran should review his call to remain in national politics otherwise he would soon be out of political arena.

Some favoured the call and said that they had become sick of hallow slogans and uncontrolled price-hike, unjustified taxes, increasing rate of unemployment, lawlessness, unrest and injustice and wanted early solution to all problems for peaceful living.

They stated that the lavish spending of the government were a big burden over national economy and the PML-N government like its predecessor PPP had badly failed to deliver any good and productive result for the masses.

In Gujranwala, the traders strongly condemned civil disobedience call and started agitation against Imran Khan announcement. President Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gujranwala Sheikh Noman Salahuddin while addressing a press conference said that Azadi and Inqilab marches created a critical atmosphere which would be dangerous for country's economy. Senior Vice President Sarfraz Ahmed Siddique, Vice President Rehmanul Haq, Akhlaq Ahmed Butt, Khawaja Zarar Kaleem, Khawaja Tahir Hassan, Sheikh Sarwat Ikram, Haji Nazir and others were also present on the occasion. He said that Imran and Qadri were trying to stop the development in the country, adding that if disobedience movement started the country would suffer irreparable losses. He feared that it seemed the PTI and PAT wanted to trigger civil war in the country.

Meanwhile a rally was arranged by PML-N Traders Wing against Imran Khan's announcement. Traders wing leaders Naeem Youns Butt, Hafiz Badar Munir, Mian Ikram, Sheikh Afzal Jaj, Sheikh Abdul Razaq led the rally. The speakers said that the business community strongly condemned the disobedience call of Imran Khan. If Imran Khan and Qadri do not stop their illegal demands the business community will take to streets against them. They alleged that Imran and Qadri were busy following foreign agenda and urged them to take stock of the situation and work for the national progress and prosperity.



Inqilab, Azadi marches dubbed flop shows


Punjab Minister for Prisons Ch Abdul Waheed Arrain has said that both Inqilab and Azadi marches have turned out to be flop shows, asking Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri to pack up and go back home.

Talking to the journalists here on Monday, he added that the government was not afraid of little gatherings showed by Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT). “We (government) enjoyed much more public support than these tiny events. People stand with us,” he claimed. He said that the masses gave heavy mandate to the PML (N) and elected Mian Nawaz Sharif as their prime minister. He claimed that the Nawaz Government was determined to get the masses rid of all problems as its members worked day and night to steer the country out of crisis.

Meanwhile, the Anjuman-e-Tajiran Mumtazabad brought out a Jamhooriyat Bachawo rally (Save Democracy Rally) under the leadership of Ch. Sami Ullah, Sheikh Aslam, Babu Irshad, Hafiz Sajid and others. The participants of the rally marched in Mumtazabad area and chanted slogans in favour of government. The speakers strongly condemned PTI and PAT on this occasion and said that Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri wanted to create anarchy and chaos in the country on orders of their foreign masters. They warned that Pakistanis would not let them derail democracy.