The recent controversy surrounding the meat suppliers of McDonald’s has given rise to doubts about the credibility of the authorities. These enormous restaurants, claim to support our civil society by promoting “CSR” whereas, at the back end, they tend to stab the people of the same society in the back by using sub-standard quality procedures and products, but we should ask ourselves about who is actually at fault. Is it the society’s fault that they believe in the nice front that these organisations put up, or is it the authorities, who due to their negligence, tend to risk valuable lives?

These international chains are no angels, and they have the same philosophy as the hawker, that is, to mint money, irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong. It is time we made these organisations realize that the consumers they are dealing with in Pakistan are no less than the consumers in any other country. The authorities also need to realize their responsibility and become a little more accountable for their acts as health of hundreds and millions of individuals is under their control.


Karachi, August 8.