MANDI BAHAUDDIN - People here praised the PTI and Pakistan Awami Tehrik marches and sit-ins at Islamabad against national crises and the present government of one family. They said the PML-N government had miserably failed to come up to the expectation of the people, and demanded holding of mid-term elections to save the country from further damage. They were of the view that the government should be dissolved followed by interim cabinet comprising technocrats to hold mid-term elections. However, they were not sure as to who would head the cabinet and length of its tenure.

SHOPS GUTTED: Fire broke out in a cloth shop situated in Committee Bazaar on Sunday. Fire engulfed adjacent four shops. Rescue team reached and put out the fire. Cloth worth Rs 3 million was burnt, the shopkeepers said, adding that cloth worth Rs 20 million was saved due to timely firefighting operation by the rescuers.

The fire was caused by an electric short-circuit.