ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri, who brands himself to be a revolutionary, has created his own street parliament.

In his midnight address after the expiry of his earlier deadline, Qadri announced “the Public Parliament” will hold its first session at 5pm Tuesday at Aabpara Chowk, Islamabad. It, in other words, could mean an extension in his deadline for the government to resign.

Qadri charged up his loyalists by telling them that revolution needs blood to take place. He also threatened the government “with his capability to do anything”.

“They don’t know me well and haven’t dealt with me earlier,” he said.

Certain quarters believe that the kind of threat reflects there may be a dangerous plan in his mind.

As Dr Qadri’s resignation deadline for the government lapsed, he offered just another speech to his loyalists and said, “After this speech the decision will be taken by the Public Parliament and whatever it decides will be followed.”

Qadri said that on Tuesday (today), revolution was going to take place in the country and people from across the country should reach the capital to see “the history being made”.

Violence could not be ruled out as Qadri charged up his loyalists: “Revolution needs courage, sacrifice and blood, otherwise there is no revolution possible in the country.”

Qadri also announced that on the calls of Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslamin, Sunni Ittehad and Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid, sit-ins have started all across the country and all major roads have been blocked by the workers.

J Salik in the beginning joined Qadri on the stage and announced his support and also left message for the minorities to join Dr Qadri in his Inqlab March.

Qadri remained adamant towards any move for negotiations by the government. He refused to meet political leaders including Ijazul Haq, Sherpao and Haider Abbas Rizi.

In his early speech made at 5pm on Monday, Tahirul Qadri had amplified his Inqlab March and broadened its range to the whole country by making an announcement that his party along with some others will stage sit-ins in all provinces of the country.

Not only he widened the scope of his Inqlab March but also included political parties other than Pakistan Muslim League-N in his condemnation. This time, on the fourth day of his sit-in in the capital, he also bracketed Pakistan People’s Party with PML-N “in the wrongdoings” that he said were being done in the name of “so-called democracy”.

Qadri said that police raids were being conducted in Karachi and the leaders of his party and some allies were being arrested.

He said there was a very brutal situation in Sindh and law enforcement agencies were making it worse. Qadri, while mentioning an incident in Larkana, said that women were lifted from Shelter Homes and sold to dacoits with the connivance of police. “In this situation what people can do other than coming out for revolution,” Qadri questioned.

While questioning the performance of Sindh government he further said that measles is not life-threatening decease but in Sindh 650 children died of it. He also mentioned the 350 deaths of children in Thar due to hunger, and asked the rulers, “What action did your democracy take on these deaths.”

He again stressed that in the situation like this, people were left with the only option and that was revolution.

He further questioned if the Sindh government took any action to check kidnappings for ransom. Qadri said around 20,000 people had been kidnapped in Karachi and there was no writ of the state. He mentioned another brutal incident in Khairpur district of Sindh in which 7 rogues looted the area and also gang-raped women after entering their homes.

He said that no FIR had been registered despite a lapse of 4 months. Then he again questioned whether or not the people were right to come out for revolution.

While Qadri was making his evening speech, a light explosion occurred due to a spark in speakers. Qadri jumped from his seat while some people rushed to him. By that time, he had understood what actually had happened.