The ongoing political instability is a severe threat to the nascent democratic transition in the country. A retrospective look reveals that these sort of enduring political strives have, time and again, destabilized the democracy and caused undemocratic forces to overthrow democratic forces. In addition to that, it has also afflicted socio-economic and socio-political issues, as elected governments focus on saving their government rather that looking for solutions to the problems. The ongoing political dissension will lead to chaos and anarchy afflicting the country. This strenuous effort will, ultimately, end on either PM’s resignation or “coup d’état.” Its omnipresent effects will be, undoubtedly, troublesome and vexing.

There is a dire need to come out of this quagmire in order to save the nascent democratic transition in the country. This goal can only be achieved through courage and valiance. To solve this conundrum, efforts of undemocratic forces must be conceived and contained. A pragmatic approach can only save this newly born democratic transition. PML-N, which is at the helm of affairs, must learn from its previous experiences; otherwise, history will repeat itself.


Islamabad, August 16.