Thousands of citizens and activists of Jamaatud Dawa brought out a big rally to express solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians. The rally begun from Aam Khaas Bagh and the participants marched up to Chowk Katchehri. The march was jointly led by JuD Secretary General Maulana Ameer Hamza and Palestinian Ambassador Ali Abu Waleed. The participants raised slogans in favour of Palestinians besides condemning Israelis.

Addressing a big public meeting at the end of the rally, Maulana Ameer Hamza, Ali Abu Waleed, president of High Court Bar Athar Shah Bokhari, Rao Anees, Kh Shafiq, Hamza Shahid Lodhi and others said that Israel committed genocide of Palestinians but Muslims rulers kept mum on this war crime. "Had the Muslim states given a clear message to Israel, they would not have dared commit genocide of Muslims in Israel," they added. They asked the rulers of Muslim states to play their role for getting ended the illegal cordon of Gaza. They asked the govt to convene conference of heads of Islamic states on the issue of Gaza. They also urged upon the Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif to play his role for getting Palestinians rid of Israeli terrorism.

They strongly condemned the role of heads of Muslim states and said that their silent on Israel's war crimes was also criminal. They pointed out that Israel and India patronised terrorists in Pakistan. They declared that an international movement would take place from the ashes of Gaza which would eliminate Israel and US from world map.