Majority of traders of Lahore and other cities have criticised PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s call for civil disobedience and saying it will not succeed.

They said that in a country which already passing through a financial crisis such announcement could bring nothing but chaos and poverty.  The traders here in Lahore held a press conference at the Press Club and condemned Khan’s call. However, some individual traders who have sympathies for PTI said that they will accept Imran Khan’s every call.

Lahore Chamber of Commerce President Sohail Lashari and Vice President Kashif Anwar addressed the press conference and declared that announcements and steps like these would push the country towards economic instability. They announced to refute the civil disobedience call stating that the political instability will cause irreparable damage to country’s economy. The country cannot endure any conspiracy, said Lashari.

“We shall not allow any sort mayhem to cause turbulence in business and economy,” he added. There are reports that trade bodies in other cities like Faisalabad and Rawalpindi also rejected PTI’s call for civil disobedience.

Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajran stated the call of civil disobedience was tantamount to undermine the country’s economy and the step will increase lawlessness and poverty in the country. The body stated the speeches being delivered at the sit-in of Imran Khan were not more than rhetoric and the difficulties being confronted by the masses needed just committed approach.

Traders Action Committee stated Imran Khan’s civil disobedience call was unjustified and did not have any support particularly of business community. The stock market, after long and inqlab marches had recorded billions of rupees losses, the committee added. “We will not accept the PTI’s call as we are already facing huge losses due to the strikes, long and inqlab marches,” it was stated.

Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry has rejected the civil obedience call by Imran Khan. FPCCI President Zakaria Usman has stated that Pakistan is in critical economic and political condition and political activities have hampered the process of economic and commercial developments of the country. Pakistan is battling terrorism and our Army is fighting a decisive battle in North Waziristan to eliminate terrorism and the country is incurring huge expenses on war against terrorism and in consequences the settlement of IDPs is created which is another big problem for us. We being the nation have to be united against terrorism to eliminate it from our country.

Zakaria Usman further said that the recent call of the protesting political parties for Civil Disobedience to nation is not understandable and business community has condemned it and disfavour it. He said that the current political situation and the recent call for civil disobedience to ignite and provoke the public for non-payment of taxes and utility bills and business shutdown are not feasible for the country.

The business community who is the real stakeholders is against the recent political civil disobedience move and they do not want to close their business, industries and take the country to the state of sick industry and also avoid becoming defaulters to the banks and other organisations. He suggested to the protesting people in the name of “inqilab” to avoid to convert their legal democratic protest into illegal and non-democratic acts of violence and also avoid to enter in the red zone.

He further said that the business community is the real tax payers and the government is bound to use this money on right direction for the development of the country. He further said that political activities should not affect the economic and trade activities of the country.

Lahore Stock Market has   rejected the civil disobedience call by PTI, terming it highly detrimental to Pakistan’s recovering economy. The LSE CEO and MD Aftab Ahmed Chaudhry told APP here that the PTI gave the civil disobedience call without having any prior assessment of its adverse impact on country’s overall economy, and the law and order situation.  He said that govt functions and delivers on the taxes collected from the people and companies on various accounts, adding the non-payment of taxes and utility bills will ultimately hamper the government’s functioning and subsequently the economy.

Civil disobedience call of Imran Khan has also been rejected in KPK province and Minister for Local Government of KPK Anayat Ullah while rejecting the civil disobedience call said that it is highly harmful for country’s economy. He said that the announcement of civil disobedience call is not understandable. President Chamber of Commerce KPK also termed the announcement of civil disobedience call as wrong decision. President ANP Peshawar Hussain Babak while rejecting the civil disobedience call said that Imran Khan should be sensible. Jamaat-e-Islami of KPK has also decided not to support the civil disobedience call of PTI as this call is not the decision of a provincial government rather it has been decided by a political party.