KABUL- The tribal elders in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan have warned to uprise if the alleged Pakistani artillery shelling did not stop in this province, Afghan state media reported today.

Elders from 14 different provinces of Kunar province gathered in Asadabad along with a number of religious clerics to discuss the issue of alleged Pakistani shelling and alleged interference in Afghanistan.

They called for an immediate halt to cross-border shelling and Pakistan’s alleged interference in Afghanistan and warned that local residents of Kunar province will uprise against Pakistan if the shelling persists.

The elders also urged the government of Afghanistan and international community to put pressure on Pakistani government to stop shelling of Kunar province.

The fresh warning by Kunar elders comes as shelling from the other side of Durand Line continues despite the National Security Council (NSC) instructed the security institutions to take necessary actions to repel the cross-border incursions by Pakistan.

According to reports, the Pakistani military has allegedly fired over 5,000 rockets in Kunar province during the past two years, which has resulted to loss of lives besides forcing thousands of people to flee from their homes.