No doubt the United Nations (UN) might have helped in preventing a third world war, but when it comes to resolving political issues, it has failed miserably. The Kashmir issue, for one, still stands unresolved. Moreover, the UN is indifferent when it comes to the ongoing Israeli-Palestine conflict. More than 1500 lives have been lost but the organisation is not bothered.

Why such discrimination? Whatever is happening in Palestine is a clear violation of the UN Charter and a violation of international Law, of humanitarian laws and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

We must not forget the Muslim World’s role, they seem divided and many are puppets of the Western world. The more the Muslim world is divided, the more the western world exploits them. The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is a toothless organization, it has not resolved any Muslim conflicts, the only solution is for the Muslim countries to unite. The Muslims should stand collectively against the western world. If only Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia could put their differences aside and unite, many issues of the Muslim world could have been easily resolved.


Karachi, August 14.