No doubt, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a blockbuster, extremely melodramatic in its nature, the voice of peace for the two warring countries and one of ‘the best movie of Salman’s career’. It does cause catharsis in today’s situation; though, it is far removed from reality.

The innocent girl’s disappearance is symbolic of the future of our upcoming generation. She is dumb, so is our future generation. We’re the one who will write their destiny. They can’t speak, but they are definitely looking forward to the green land as shown in the movie. The setting of the movie is quite significant. The girl belongs to Kashmir. She is the root cause of the conflict in the movie and the movie revolves around her. She stands for Kashmir. Kashmir needs our helping hand and has been an apple of discard since 1947. There is one more poignant analogy between the girl’s dumbness and the people of Kashmir. Both of them don’t have a voice and the right to self-determination. The girl speaks towards the denouement of the movie, similarly, the only solution to the problem of Kashmir, its affect on the ties of the two countries and its unavoidable end, is to give them the voice to speak for themselves.

The movie foresees quite a happy ending and has a very optimistic approach to the tale of the two countries. It also has quite constructive criticism: the higher echelons of the two belligerent states are shown reluctant to put an end to the state of affairs of the two states which has paralysed life on both sides of the borders. ‘Chand Nawab’ works as the representative of electronic media of the two countries: if media vows to launch a positive narrative, it can kill the unseen monster and ensure happy ending. Kabir Khan, the director of the movie, encourages the ordinary masses to stand for their rights and develop friendly relations from people to people. Paradoxically, the movie is realistic in its approach when it shows the warmth that exists between the people of the two states; the feedback of the people to the movie Is a proof to this reality. The love stems from the similarity of our culture, tradition and the origin of the two nations.


South Waziristan Agency, August 9.