According to the previous CSS policies, non-Muslims had choice to opt for Islamiat as a subject, if one finds it suitable. Otherwise, they were awarded Pakistan affairs marks in lieu of Islamiat, without attempting Islamiat paper. On the other hand, according to new syllabus revised by FPSC lately, non-Muslims are forced to opt for Islamiat willingly or unwillingly, by formulating such a policy in which a new subject is introduced, ‘Comparative Study of Religions’, which consists of five religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism. Such a trick has been presented in that the syllabus of Comparative Study of Religions that only a small portion is allotted to other religions, while the section on Islam is about of same length as that of the Islamiat subject. So, non-Muslims are appalled about this policy and its inequity as non Muslims are forced towards Islamiat. Once more non-Muslims are in between devil and deep sea regarding this subject. FPSC should revisit its policies and must reintroduce previous rule for non-Muslims.


Sindh, August 10.