A National Daily Urdu paper Nawa-i-Waqt of 10-08-2015 has stated in its editorial that intelligence agencies of the government would necessarily have proof of Indian funding to opposing forces of KBD, which ought to be presented to army and government, as well as media to confront the opposing people to KBD. If these people do not detract Article 6 may be applied to them by to decide once for all the issue of KBD which has been kept pending since four decades to the continuing loss of the nation. KBD could store 1/3rd of flood waters and in the bargain store 60.1 MAF of water and generate 3600 MW of cheap power. The mantra of small dams on our mega river of Indus does not stand to reason as it is not feasible. We are sick of charges of Indian funding to stall the building of KBD and this cat must be brought out of the box to save Pakistan from economic disaster. Speaking of other dams upstream of Tarbela could not help in controlling floods from heavy rains which are forecasted in the 21st century due to global warming and extreme weather expected in future which would bring heavy rains. In order to ensure our existence we must build KBD post haste and Pak army could use its soft power to goad the government to build, it and opposing forces at beck and call of India, which has built 4000 large dams, may not be allowed to stop building even one dam of KBD in Pakistan. History would not forgive our rulers in their disability to build KBD.


Lahore, August 10.