PESHAWAR - The news that doctors conducted at least 16 operations under cell-phone torch lights in Dera Ismail Khan surprised people.

The news that doctors performed 16 surgeries at the district headquarters hospital first came to limelight on the social media. Later, electronic media aired the same news which astonished the people. Dr Farooq Gul Bethani, a surgeon at the hospital, said it was done to serve humanity and save lives, because carrying out at least 10 appendicitis surgeries were too much necessary.

At least 16 people were brought for operations on Thursday night; of them 10 were for appendicitis and the rest for normal surgeries. Sources said that along with a few others, two doctors, Farooq Gul Bethani and Dr Waseem, were present at the operation theatre and were ready to start surgeries when suddenly light went off due to a heavy windstorm.

The generator of the hospital left working after about 10 minutes, but the doctors continued to conduct operations with the help of their cell-phone torch lights, because 10 appendix surgeries were emergency cases could not be delayed till next day, sources quoting a doctor said.

The sources said the doctors conducted all the 16 operations with the help of their mobile torch lights. “It has not been done to make any record, but to save the people’s lives,” they said.

After coming to know about it, Adviser to CM on Information Mushtaq Ghani ordered an inquiry into the matter. He said an inquiry was underway and officials were looking for alternative solutions in case generators stop working.

Conducting the inquiry is nothing just to hide the government performance of not prohibiting non-stop electricity supply to the hospital. However, the PTI has locally termed the happening a conspiracy against the provincial government by opponents.

Dr Farooq reportedly said no conspiracy was hatched. “We are non-political and professional doctors and have nothing to do with any such conspiracy,” he said.