QUETTA - Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri Thursday said separatists in Balochistan were being funded by India to disrupt peace in the province.

He said India was involved in terrorism incidents including Quetta suicide blast which claimed lives of lawyers, journalists and common people in the province.

Addressing a ceremony, he said in 1947, their ancestors had themselves announced to make Balochistan part of the newly-created country - Pakistan.

He said: “The statements of Indian Prime Minister Narendara Modi which were welcomed by self-exiled leader, Brahamdagh Bugti have proved that India was directly involved in acts of terrorism in Balochistan.”

He read a condemnation resolution against Indian prime minister, which was adopted by the people, who attended the ceremony.

The chief minister said that so-called nationalist leaders caused bloodshed in Balochistan and disrupted the peace in the province.

“You are watching that people of Balochistan have strongly reacted against Indian PM’s statements over Balochistan by coming on roads and taking out protesting rallies,” he added.

He said, “Indian intelligence agency RAW was involved in Quetta civil hospital suicide blast which claimed lives of innocent lawyers and other people.”

He said self-exiled leader Brahamdagh welcomed statements of Indian prime minister over Balochistan which confirmed that Indian spy agency RAW was funding acts of terrorism in the province.

“We will bring terrorists to justice at any cost,” he added.

He paid rich tributes to martyrs and their families saying, “We will not betray our martyrs.”

He said that some elements were playing in the hands of India to mint money and added that India would not be allowed to interfere into Balochistan.

He said: “Nefarious designs of India in Balochistan will be foiled at any cost.”



Meanwhile, Zehri expressed his annoyance over fake marking on examination answer sheets and absence of teachers at government schools, saying absent teachers had destroyed the future of new generations.

He lamented that teachers had been drawing salaries by sitting at home instead of discharging their duties at schools. He also lamented that paper examiners were doing fake marking on answer sheets for educational institutions.

Speaking at a ceremony held under Balochistan Education Endowment Fund to distribute scholarships and certificates among students here.

“Balochistan government has been given lucrative salaries and incentives to teachers many times more than teachers in private schools,” he said. “This is dangerous trend in Balochistan that fake marking was being done on answer sheets of exams and teachers were drawing salaries but not teaching students”.

The chief minister said that his government would take strict decisions to introduce reforms in education sector to bring improvement in education system. He urged teachers to change their negligent attitude towards their duties.

“Roads and other projects are also part of the development but we cannot achieve goals of progress and prosperity of real development if we cannot equip our youth with education,” he said.

Zehri said that concrete measures would be taken to overcome corruption and to ensure good governance. He said quality institutions like NUST should also be established in Balochistan.

Meanwhile, a large number of people in various cities of Balochistan took to the streets on Thursday in protest against India-backed terrorism, interference in the province and concocted statement of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi that people of Balochistan have sent him messages of thanks.

Political leaders, civil society members and citizens in large numbers took out rallies in various cities including Chaman, Dalbandin, Noshki, Chaghai , Dera Murad Jamali and Sibi holding placards against Modi and his government.

In Chaman, protesters burnt effigy of Narendra Modi and Brahamdagh Bugti for their anti-Pakistan statements.

They expressed their anger on campaign launched by the Indian Prime Minister and Baloch leader to defame Pakistan and project Balochistan in bad light at international level.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers led rallies in Dera Murad Jamali and raised slogans against India. Persistent protests blocked the main highway in Balochistan.

They demanded that the Indian Prime Mini9ster must apologise over remarks on Balochistan.

The protest rally in Sibi was also joined by members of Hindu community who strongly condemned the Indian government and Prime Minister for creating trouble in the province.