LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar said that all the segments of society should unite to curb corruption that was deep-rooted in Pakistan.

They addressed a seminar at Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan (HNPIP) on “Non-Political movement against corruption-possibilities and imperatives” Thursday at HNPIP auditorium, Majid Nizami Road. Supreme Court Bar president Ali Zafar presided over while senior speakers included columnists Arifa Such Khan and Yasir Pirzada. HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator.

Absar said that it would be more appropriate to name Panama leaks as Offshore leaks so that the impression of one man’s impeachment (PM’s) could be diluted. Moreover, major causes of corruption like ad-hocism, discretionary powers and granting of stay orders against the corrupt elements must be addressed.

Ali Zafar said corruption was a dangerous issue and the Quaid-e-Azam rightly said corruption was like cancer. United struggle was required to curb it. It is like a snake of Greek mythology that revives after every attack. Zafar said that it started when we were settling migrants.

Later, the NRO legalised it. Panama leaks, is a modern way of corruption. Panama-gate could be turning point and game changer if lawyer community involved to raise it with full strength. Our institutions have surrendered in front of the corrupt leadership, he held.

Talking about the solution, he said, civil society was supreme that could do it only. Media are the right arm of society, then lawyer community, NGO, columnist, literary, drama writers etc should play their role to curb out corruption.

When they unite revolution or movement welcome them like the French revolution, communism, Arab spring etc. There should be Tor's for Panama leaks, I suggested first of all and faced mafias.

He said movement against Panama should survive and all should play a role. 90 PC people are honest, they want powerful institutions. Be hopeful for change.

Yasir Peerzada said that it was the fashion to talk against corruption like nationalism. We name bribes as corruption only but forget moral aspects. Corruption is not the only reason for non-development and he said that there is no possibility of non-political movement in Pakistan.

Arifa Subh Khan said ninety percent Pakistanis are corrupt. It is an art in Pakistan not curse. Patients are to go through unnecessary tests that were corruption in medical profession. Degrees are sold, research is stolen in educational institutions. Revenue, police, lawyer, media and other segments of society are corrupt. The need was to address it immediately and curb it through teaching moral values.