LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said establishment of Infrastructure Development Authority is of paramount importance for development in education, health and other sectors.

Presiding over a meeting yesterday, the chief minister said that the institution will have a key role in transparent, speedy and high standard completion of infrastructure projects in these sectors.

“The role of Infrastructure Development Authority is of vital importance with regard to ensuring timely and correct use of resources for infrastructure projects,” Shehbaz said while appreciating appointment of highly professional experts to the authority.

“With the joining of such experts on merit in the authority, the institution will make great progress and people of the province will directly benefit from timely completion of infrastructure in education, health and other sectors,” he added.

With the appointment of experts of international standard, best results will be achieved in a short period, the CM hoped. He further stressed the dire need to forward this model.

Shehbaz Sharif directed immediate measures for introducing similar models in important departments and said that like Infrastructure Development Authority Punjab, experts of professional abilities will have to be brought forward in other sectors.

The CM also directed to consider introduction of Infrastructure Development Bond.

The CEO of Punjab Infrastructure Development Authority gave a detailed briefing regarding organisational structure and future programmes of the institution and informed about infrastructure projects in Health Department in future throughout the province.