The recent attack in Quetta had thrown us in a fit of fear. Terrorist organisations are always a step ahead of our governments. A death trap was set for lawyers and journalists in which as many as 70 lost their lives.

Let us not be misguided by the complacency of our government. Terrorism prevails and our state is very much under its nefarious grip. At citizens, some responsibility also falls on our shoulders. We should put an end to public demonstrations at least for a while. Activities involving large numbers of people should not take place in popular public areas. Suicide bombers can go completely unidentified in large crowds and thus many people can be easy targets for terrorists. Let us put an end to that.

The government should improve security mechanisms in all public places. Moreover, suspicious individuals must be reported about. If the government and the citizens join hands, this issue can be countered.


Lahore, August 9.