Islamabad-Barrister Fahad Malik, the slain nephew of ex-chairman senate, Muhammad Mian Soomro, was called by Malik Tariq group to the Shalimar police station in the capacity of a mediator and lawyer after their argument with Raja Arshad group on some issue got heated, the family of the deceased said Thursday.

Fahad had nothing to do with the dispute between the two parties and he was just a mediator, they said.

However, Fahad’s family alleged that police were favouring the culprits. Talking to The Nation on condition of anonymity, they said the police did not include section 7-ATA in the FIR apparently to favour the culprits. “The FIR is weak and the accused may get benefit of the same,” they added. When asked why section 7-ATA is not included in the FIR, the concerned police officials had no answer. No arrest has so far been made by the police in connection with the murder. Nouman alias Nomi Khokhar, had a day earlier, secured his pre-arrest bail from a local court while the other accused are at large. The family believed that the murder of barrister Fahad Malik could have been averted had the police searched the vehicles of the other party and automatic weapons recovered. The sources in the police said that both the parties had agreed to a written agreement before leaving the police station at Sunday midnight but they have no idea about what led to the incident in which Fahad Malik was gunned down and Tariq Malik was injured. A roadside firing in the wee hours of Monday in Sector F-10 took the life of Barrister Fahad Malik and Raja Arshad group is alleged to have committed the crime. The family said the culprits have close association with the Khokhar family and added Barrister Fahad and Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar were once class fellows. “Sensing the gravity of the situation at the police station, Fahad sent a text message to Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar after both the parties exchanged hot words but he got no response from the other side and as soon as he left the police station along with his ‘client’, he was gunned down at Margalla Road,” the family said. Fahad Malik drove his vehicle to drop his client home but the other party chased and intercepted his vehicle at service road of F-10/3. “Fahad sensing a danger to his life tried to flee away but he could not maintain control over the vehicle after fired upon and rammed into the outer wall of a nearby house, the family said. The attackers fled away from the scene immediately with no injuries whatsoever, the family added. The sources in the police said that Tariq Malik’s son and Raja Arshad had some issue over a girl which led to the killing of Fahad Malik.

The father of two had his business in UK and Dubai and also a member of Islamabad District Bar Association.

The family blamed Hashim, Jehangir and Raja Arshad to be the culprits.