GILGIT - The Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a resolution to introduce local languages at primary level in the region.

A female lawmaker Rehana Ibadi tabled the resolution the Gilgit-Baltistan Introduction of Local Languages as Additional Subject at primary level in the assembly on Thursday. The 2nd resolution was tabled by Deputy Speaker Jaffar Ullah, which stated that three PC-1s of the Annual Development Plan (ADP) of the members of the house were submitted to the Planning Department but still these were not approved so far. He demanded the house to seek help of any NGO for preparation of the Annual Development Plan for lawmakers. He said that due to the negligence of the officials of planning department, the ADP could not be prepared.

Minister for Works Dr Iqbal said that the preparation of ADP was the job of Planning Department and if there was any laxity on part of the officials concerned, action should be taken against them.

Lawmaker Raja Jahanzaib on the occasion said that if the ministers are unable to get official works done through their respective secretaries they should resign and go home.

During the session, Speaker Fida Muhammad Nashad had to pass a ruling directing the chief ministers to make their respective planning department officials bound to follow and implement their orders. He also said that if any secretary does not follow the directions of the chief minister, minister and assembly, he can be removed from the post. Speaker Fida Muhammad Nashad referred the resolution to a special committee under Senior Minister Akbar Taban.