LAHORE - JI drive would continue till sending ‘financial terrorists’ behind the bars and recovery of the public money looted by these plunderers, said JI chief Sirajul Haq yesterday.

Talking to party’s political committee meeting, he said that JI would soon go to Supreme Court for legal action to give a more concrete shape to its battle against corruption following the Panama Leaks.

“JI is already on streets to pursue its campaign against corruption and now it will seek remedy from Supreme Court to hunt the plunderers-the financial terrorists,” he said talking to the meeting at party’s headquarters Mansoora.

Around 375 billion dollars owned by the Pakistanis lying in Swiss banks were undoubtedly the ill-gotten wealth of few individuals, he claimed.

Corrupt politicians have taken refuge in different political parties which are providing cover to the criminals only to increase their number in the assemblies.

The people who should be behind the bars, are at the helm of the affairs in the country, maintained the JI chief.

Fresh elections without electoral reforms would simply benefit the politicians who have mastery over the art of stealing the elections, said Haq.