ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director General Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera continues to prolong his stay at Rio Olympics despite the fact Pakistani athletes and officials after pathetic performances in the mega event, have started arriving back.

The highly placed sources in the PSB have confirmed to this scribe that Ganjera left for Brazil on August 3 and would likely return after closing ceremony. “Acting PSB DG Syed Habib Shah has very limited powers and especially he has no singing authority when it comes to financial aspects. The staff is facing a number of difficulties in performing official duties and especially all financial matters are almost stand still.”

The sources revealed that Habib Shah was trying to manage the PSB affairs in the best possible way despite highly limited financial powers. “It is high time the government should revise policy, as the PSB Director General and his close aides always manage to travel on international tours, enjoy joy-rides and waste national wealth with both hands.

“What is the purpose of sending only DG Ganjera or DDG Dr Waqar on every tour? Why did other PSB officers despite serving for almost entire lives never get any opportunity to travel abroad and get much-needed international exposure? On what grounds the IPC minister, despite fully aware of the DG’s wrongdoings, never bothered to take action against him and kept on hiding his wrongdoings and misuse of powers,” they questioned.

“It seems the PSB is not government’s institution but Ganjera’s personal property, as he is free to do whatever he likes to do. Ganjera must understand he is government servant and should follow rules and regulations rather than following his self-styled policies,” the sources concluded.