Islamabad-Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq Thursday    appreciated the commendable role of humanitarian and aid workers for rendering humanitarian service in times of humanitarian crisis in the country. He said this in his message on the occasion of ‘World Humanitarian Day being commemorated on 19 August 2016.

According to a handout he said the aid workers put their lives in risk for humanitarian service helping people around the world in times of conflict and natural disaster. This day is celebrated to honour the phenomenal contributions and sacrifices of aid workers striving for a better human world, he added.

The speaker highlighted that humanitarian aid workers have played significant role in Pakistan during floods, earthquake and internal displacement and provided remarkable service to the effected population in Pakistan. Their timely support and commitment has won the hearts of nation and left the mark of humanity in people’s mind added by the speaker.

The speaker argued that humanitarian aid workers solemnly work for helping people regardless of religion, race, colour and nationality that add prestige to their work, besides their work is neutral and impartial during course of their action while working with populations in times of humanitarian crisis.

Speaker remarked that it is time to pay tribute and applaud the role of humanitarian aid workers and consider their services for humanity and the support they have provided during critical humanitarian crisis in Pakistan and around the world.