Answering a question posed by an Indian journalist, the State Department spokesman John Kirby, in a briefing on Thursday said that Pakistan shares a long border with Afghanistan as well as common threats and common challenges.

“And there have been times when Pakistan and Afghanistan didn’t see eye to eye on every issue, and there have been times when they have found ways to work together. And we continue to stress the importance of a strong bilateral relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

 John Kirby said they know that not every member of the Taliban is willing to embrace the political process of moving forward. “That’s why it’s important that the United States continue to make clear our intention and our support of a strong, sovereign, secure, stable Afghanistan.”

He said the US  Secretary of State John  Kerry  spoke with both President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah just Thursday morning  about the importance of continuing to move forward with the political and economic reforms that they’re trying to enact.