“Justice for crimes against humanity

must have no limitations.”

–Simon Wiesenthal – 1905-2005.

Barbarism is a trait associated to those who have lived before us. The emperors and their bloodthirsty conquests are our history. But while we are so keen to bury these disconcerting events of the past, the few relics are indestructible. Thomas Hobbes and his fellow realists argue that the human nature is bent towards self preservation for which man can sacrifice his morals and ethics. Over time, the human has tamed these lustful instincts of his, but his nature hasn’t changed. For achieving his purpose, he commits crimes which violate human integrity. Criminals of humanity have not only been from rogue states but also states that have deemed themselves as the arbitrators of peace and human rights. Organisations like the United Nations have played their role in protecting humanity against genocide, war crimes etc. Its interventions in Yugoslavia and Rwanda have been some of the greatest contributions it has made to humanity. However, the picture is not as rosy as it seems. The same organisation which calls itself the arbitrator of human rights watched innocent civilians die in drone attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Crimes against humanity have been committed in Palestine and Burma. Kashmir is the new favourite of the oppressors of justice. The number of causalities is going up with every passing day and each lost life calls onto the guardian of peace to take action against the crimes against humanity.