Another Independence Day passed by. Yet there is no independence in Pakistan. For starters, the kids are horrified to be out alone. What have we turned our country into? There aren't many people like Abdul Satar Edhi in our homeland, Pakistan. We all admire him. But sheer hypocrisy is that there isn't a single person who would want to live his life, if given a chance, because frankly if there was we would have known him. No matter how frustrated we find our lives, we would still choose being the part of this painfully self-boosting materialistic race. We may give out a lot of charities. We may even think that we are not very sinful.  But then we have these ugly habits which we don't even consider bad anymore. 

In our society the distinction between right and wrong has become the hardest today. Living in monotony for hundreds of years, we have forgotten what fate was chosen for us. Muhammad Bin Qasim must have gotten pretty upset watching Bahardur Shah Zafar, from up there, lost subcontinent to the British Empire. Maybe Muhammad Ali Jinnah feels the same way up there, watching this nation struggle from the differences created, the taboos molded and the 'young architects of the nation' being kidnapped after every other day. 

We pass our judgements over people and their sins. What is happening in Gaza, Syria and Palestine? What would force the enemies to go so hard on them? The truth is that human nature tends to point out towards others in order to neglect its own deficiencies.  How we are making lives difficult and setting a bad example for generations to come. Sitting here in your cozy homes, you can't control all the evil things happening in the world. Why not work on what you can control? 

As Pakistanis and as Muslims we need to redefine ourselves again and act on that definition and break the barriers of these social taboos which are not part of who we really were meant to be. It has been a long time since we lived in sub-continent, and we have been associated with some whole other culture. Islam encourages simplicity and today materialism has made our lifestyle difficult today. We need to exclude what was never meant to be in our culture and make our lives easier. It’s high time that we redefine ourselves with reference to what our history was written as. Together, let’s be the great nation we were meant to be.

Baby steps. Slowly.

One day at a time.