KARACHI - Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said that the return of the looted money is necessary to make a debt-free Pakistan. He was addressing a protest demo in front of Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Friday against prevailing corruption culture in the country.

He said the ruling party during its previous election campaigning had promised to bring back the money looted by the corruption mafia from their Swiss accounts ad it would be spent to repay huge foreign loans of Pakistan. He said the full term of the sitting government is about to expire but the money looted from Pakistan and kept in foreign banks accounts and used to purchase real estate and palaces abroad and make offshore companies is yet to be recovered and returned back to Pakistan.

He said more than 50 percent of the budget of our country is spent to repay our foreign debt and their interests. He said in past the enslaved nations used to pay annual tributes to their foreign rulers and now the enslaved nations pay this tribute to their actual rulers abroad through unnecessary foreign debts and their huge interests.

He said Pakistan would never be made a free nation in a real sense till it is made a real debt-free country. He demanded that the national assets and money looted from Pakistan and shifted abroad should be brought back to the country to repay our foreign debts that devour major portion of our budget. He said the ongoing process of accountability should be continued and intensified till achieving this sacred national goal.

Altaf Shakoor welcomed the decision of the apex court to continue the probe of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) against the big fish of corruption mafia in the province of Sindh. He said in fact the corrupt rulers are responsible for the sufferings of the poor masses of Sindh.

He said malnutrition of children in Sindh and their stunt growth is the direct outcome of the loot and plunder of the resources of Sindh, as everything goes to the pockets of the corruption mafia, leaving virtually nothing for the welfare and social uplift of the downtrodden people. He said there are also complaints against alleged highhandedness of the NAB and it should be strictly monitored but it does not mean to end its work and role in the province of Sindh, which is sadly notorious for mega corruption.

He said we would continue to raise voice against corruption and not let any crocodile of this mafia to escape the net of accountability.  He said not only the owners of the offshore companies irrespective of if they belong to the PPP or PML-N should be thoroughly probed but all other people also who had got their bank loans written off should be taken to the task and these loans fully recovered from them. He said an end to corruption would also ensure betterment in healthcare, education, social welfare and more job creation. He said only a corruption-free society is the guarantee for the survival of Pakistan and a bright future of our coming generations.