From the past few days, we witnessed that there has been unexpected upwelling regarding child abduction cases highlighted in the media. However, there are many reasons behind this issue. These disputes may include kidnapping for the ransom, child trafficking, family issues, maltreatment at institutions, parent’s behaviour, and physical or mental abuse.  

Moreover, it is reported that children from the underprivileged families are frequently abducted and our law enforcement agencies unfortunately fail to identify these disappearances as kidnapping. Nevertheless, taking proper care of children and looking after them is the utmost responsibility of every parent and state is responsible for safeguarding each member of our society. Moreover, we need to understand the phenomenon that these missing children are not only the responsibility of the region where they belong but every region is responsible for them, as they are children of Pakistan.  

For the nation, as a whole, it is important to take strict actions against the people who are in the position of authority. Furthermore, media is playing an important role to increase awareness among the commonalities about the effects and root causes of these abductions. At this alarming situation, it is very important to utilise all the resources to eliminate this issue from our country. I would like to request each responsible citizen of Pakistan to cope with the concern institutions, to bring out positive change in law and order in the country. 


Islamabad, August 6.