LONDON -  PkMAP chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai has said that resistance in Balochistan would end immediately if the government announces that local people would have total rights on natural resources of the province.

In an interview with BBC, he said that Baloch and Pakhtuns in Balochistan are very poor people while the resources are unlimited.

He regretted that even people have not been provided gas that speaks volume of exploitation of the people. He said that the people would not spare those who would plunder their assets.

Achakzai said it was duty of everyone to respect the Constitution of Pakistan. He referred to the speech of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 11th August,1947 in which he said that we must respect the religion of every citizen as every Pakistani is equal in the eyes of law.

The PkMAP chief said that the solution of all ills in Pakistan is that every institution must remain within its mandate. He said that be it Army, journalists, politicians and other institutions they must remain in their limits as provided in the Constitution.

He said that elected Parliament must be the centre of power and internal and external policies must emerge from there. “Those doing this are friends of Pakistan and those not doing so are responsible for the destruction of the country,” he stated.

He said that Pakistan will have to maintain peace with Afghanistan, Iran and India and get rid of US and Jehadis,otherwise, the entire region would be on fire.

He said that if Pakistan acts sincerely, 60 per cent of Afghan problems can be resolved.

Regarding terrorism and extremism in the country, he said that Afghanistan sovereignty must be respected ,otherwise, there would be destruction all over. He said that while Pakistan is being blamed for interference in Afghanistan, he was sure that interference was being done in Pakistan from Afghan side as well.

He question over the telecast of interview of Ahsanullah Ahsan when a strong Pakistani delegation was going to Afghanistan.

He said what message we were giving at that time?.

Achakzai said that Pakistan should take the lead for the solution of Kashmir issue and propose the creation of an independent Kashmir.

He said that the only solution of Kashmir issue is its independence.

Asked if India would agree to vacate Kashmir, Achakzai said whatever the Indian response, Pakistan would not be held responsible.

By speaking about freedom of both parts of Kashmir, Pakistan would tell the world that it wants solution of the lingering problem, he said.

He said that the root cause of tension between Pakistan and India is Kashmir.

He said that Pakistan would not be able to complete CPEC if there is no peace in the region.