Islamabad - Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) has sought explanation from three officers over their failure to maintain the Diplomatic Enclave.

The Chairman took notice of the dilapidated condition of during his visit to the area some days back.

Those held responsible for the poor maintenance of the area included Irfan Khan Niazi, Director Enforcement East, Akhtar Rasool Deputy Director Enforcement East, and Ashfaq Noori Assistant Director Enforcement East.

The chairman regretted that despite explicit instructions regarding maintenance of Islamabad to the extreme standard, it transpired during a surprise inspection of the diplomatic enclave on August 15, 2017 that the officers failed to comply with his directions to bring Islamabad to one of the most beautiful capitals of the world and have given no importance for accomplishment of the task entrusted to them.

The explanation letter said the entire area was found in a very dilapidated condition, surrounded with wild bushes and footpaths covered with grass. 

“The chairman taking cognizance of the fact and taking serious view of this situation has directed to call your explanation as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against you in accordance with CDA Employees Service Regulation 1992,” said the Explanation letter.

The administration has sought reply from the officers within three days. Furthermore, CDA has allotted 330 plots of different size to the affectees of Islamabad in Sector I-11 and I-12.

These plots were allotted through balloting which include 60 plots of 25x50 size and 50 plots of 25x60 size in Sector I-11 and 118 plots of 25x50 size and 102 plots of 30x60 size in I-12. The plots have been allotted to the affectees whose land was acquired by CDA decades ago.

The allotment of plots has been made through manual balloting by the committee constituted under the new SOPs. Manual procedure was adopted for balloting, under which one box was used for names of affectees and the other box was used for plot numbers.

Member Estate, Khushal Khan said that the process of allotment of plots to the affectees would remain continue. He said that the affectees, whose claims have not been cleared in this balloting, would be included in the next balloting. He added that though plots are available in Sector I-12, however, new sector at prime location would be opened for the rest of the affectees to settle their claims.


tahir niaz