KARACHI - Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor has said the nation has pinned high hopes on PM Imran Khan and he has to deliver in order to walk his talk.

In a statement here Saturday, he congratulated the nation for having its 22nd prime minister. He said: “We hope that Imran Khan would fulfill his promises made with the nation.” He said that the nation waits that the new government would make accountable the wrongdoers in the previous governments and recover trillions of rupees looted by them through corruption, commission and kickback culture.

He hoped that Imran would bring every penny of the looted wealth of Pakistan back home from abroad. Altaf Shakoor suggested a few priorities for the new government.

He said there should be an end to the family and dynastic politics. The nation should be given rid of corrupt electables and political turncoats. He said that the government should take steps to ensure honourable return of Dr Aafia Siddiqui and other innocent Pakistanis jailed aboard.

The Pasban president urged that new dams should be erected on most urgent basis to end the lingering water crisis. There should be uniform standard of education in whole country. The national resources should be distributed amongst people with justice and equity to raise the living standard of ordinary Pakistanis. He said an honourable foreign policy should be made.

Altaf Shakoor asked for serious efforts to stop brain drain from Pakistan. He said that a conducive environment should be created so that educated and trained Pakistanis working abroad should return home and serve the nation and country. He said that laws should be made to regulate media. He said new industries should be set up and more jobs created under the CPEC projects.

He asked for land reforms to augment the agriculture scoter which is the backbone of national economy. He demanded that the megacities of Karachi and Lahore should be given constitutional status of megacities by introducing amendment in the constitution.