It is painful to mention that Baloch females are strictly not allowed to participate in singing segment which is an attractive thing to be practiced for the relaxation of brain and eradication of depression. We can find thousands of Baloch females who are interested in singing and want to put their steps in the journey of singers but their wishes are killed by their parents and families. 

In Balochistan’s history, we find very few females who participate in films industries and songs where the ignorance vanished their true feelings and interests of their lives. The old concept of the people caged the females in the four walls to not move anywhere else yet. If our society remains so conservative-minded then we should never expect modernization yet, because the traditional culture and concepts is against of bringing improvement in our society. 

So, I love to raise awareness to everyone for thinking about modernity to change their traditional child’s concept for bringing improvement in their society as the world is already changed but we are dragged backward without any development. We expect changes in our society very soon. 


Turbat, August 1.