There are laws which protect confidentiality of Doctor-Patient relationship just like rules that protect Client-Lawyer privacy. Conflicting medical test reports of former convicted PM Nawaz are being circulated on social media with scanned copies of PIMS Chemical Pathology reports dated 31/07/2018 Lab#07/18-33717 being circulated on Whats-up.

The former PM was convicted by SC of Pakistan to undergo 10 years imprisonment while he was in London. To give the devil his due, Nawaz returned back to face courts and undergo imprisonment. As compared to Nawaz, former military dictator, declared absconder, has refused to come back in violation of SC rulings. Musharraf has cited lame excuses for not submitting to highest court of law, although as citizen of Pakistan he is bound to do that. Before leaving country on medical grounds he previously remained in a hospital run by his former institution for over a month but his medical test reports were never published citing medical ethics. Such medical reports can only be circulated publicly if SC of Pakistan orders such an action, or laws relating to confidentiality of Doctor-Patient are amended through legislation. In countries like USA the medical reports of elected President, such as susceptibility to particular deceases and drug addition, which may impair their decision-making are made public.

Imran Khan has delivered a balanced speech in his victory speech. Now that elections are over, Imran Khan will become PM of all citizens, including those who did not vote for him. The heightened euphoria that gripped election campaign, with its bitter exchange of allegations must cease now. Let there be accountability for all as promised by IK and guaranteed by constitution. Enough damage has been done by bitter acrimonious mudslinging and intrusions by institutions whose job it is never to indulge in politics. Corruption and extremism must be curbed across the board with no immunity for anyone.


Peshawar, August 1.