Muhammad Nadeem Bhatti

North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is the capital and largest city. To the north and northwest, the country is bordered by China and by Russia along the Amnok (known as the Yalu in Chinese) and Tumen rivers; it is bordered to the south by South Korea, with the heavily fortified Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating the two.

Nevertheless, North Korea, like its southern counterpart, claims to be the legitimate government of the entire peninsula and adjacent islands. Both North Korea and South Korea became members of the United Nations in 1991. On 17 December 2011, the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-il died from a heart attack. His youngest son Kim Jong-un was announced as his successor.

In the face of international condemnation, North Korea is the country with the highest number of military and paramilitary personnel, with a total of 9,495,000 active, reserve and paramilitary personnel. Its active duty army of 1.21 million is the fourth largest in the world, after China, the United States and India. North Korea continued to develop its nuclear arsenal, possibly including a hydrogen bomb and a missile capable of reaching the United States. Also the air Strike capacity of North Korea is huge. They have total aircraft strength of 944 with 458 fighter aircraft 516 attack aircraft, 119 transport aircraft 169 trainer aircraft 202 total helicopters with 20 attack helicopters. Also combat tanks are estimated 5,243 and other armored fighting vehicles are around 9,935 with self propelled artillery of 2,250 towed artillery of 4,300 and rocket projectors of around 5,000. Total defense budget of North Korea is 7,500 million dollars.

North Korea–United States relations have been historically hostile and developed primarily during the Korean War. In recent years relations have been largely defined by North Korea's six tests of nuclear weapons, its development of long-range missiles capable of striking targets thousands of miles away, and its ongoing threats to strike the United States and South Korea with nuclear weapons and conventional forces.

During presidency, George W. Bush referred to North Korea as part of "the Axis of Evil" because of the threat of its nuclear capabilities. As North Korea and the United States of America have started some formal diplomatic relations after the Trump-Kim Summit. Sweden acts as the protecting power of United States interests in North Korea for consular matters. Since the Korean War, the United States has maintained a strong military presence in South Korea. However, the United States has considered, de jure, South Korea as the sole legitimate representative of all of Korea.

According to a 2014 A World News Service Poll, only 4% of Americans view North Korea's influence positively with 90% expressing a negative view, one of the most negative perceptions of North Korea in the world. In 2015, according to Gallup's annual World Affairs survey, only 9% of Americans have a favorable view of North Korea, while 87% of Americans have a negative view. Gallup is an American research-based, global performance-management consulting company.

On September 9, 1948, Kim Il-sung declared the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; he promptly received diplomatic recognition from the Soviet Union, but not the United States. The US did not extend, and has never extended, diplomatic recognition to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). Kim Il-Sung's anti-American rhetoric often asserted that the US was a capitalist imperialist successor to Japan, a view the country still holds today. In December 1950, the United States initiated economic sanctions against the DPRK under the Trading with the Enemy Act, which lasted until 2008.

2017 marked a significant rise of tensions and amplified rhetoric from both sides as Donald Trump took the presidency, after it appeared that North Korea's nuclear weapons program was developing at a faster rate than previously thought. The increasing rhetoric (as well as Trump's more aggressive approach to handling North Korea), missile testing and increasing military presence on the Korean Peninsula sparked speculation of a nuclear conflict.

Despite fears of a massive conflict, a détente began to develop when on March 8 2018, the White House confirmed that Trump would accept a meeting invitation from Kim Jong-un. At the time, they were supposed to meet in May. On May 15, 2018, North Korea cut off talks with South Korea and threatened to cancel the planned US-North Korea summit, citing military exercises between the United States and South Korea. This cancellation was quickly reversed when Trump received an uncharacteristically friendly reply from Kim. On June 12, 2018, Trump and Kim met at the summit in Singapore, in the first summit meeting between the leaders of the two countries. Over the course of the summit, the two leaders engaged in several discussions and signed a joint statement calling for security, stability, and lasting peace.

Although it’s a great political experienced service power which Donald Trump preside at the movement and saved not even two countries even a continent and half of the world, to be get effected from atomic conflict which can declare the result of destruction positively. Upon this way people of the both countries and the world does not want to get hurt at any cost. So if anybody is trying his level best to take his level of having maximum missile warhead so it should be upon his own power but not to threaten or even killing the humanity.

Atomic services program is based on best research and knowledge so both countries even any third one can enhance the power so the power should be into the limits and to save the humanity even not to crush the innocent people. According to me Very clear example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is here where almost 146000 people died in Hiroshima and around 80000 in Nagasaki and the side effect of that bomb still innocent people are being suffered by the birth of their disable children and having no good future and even burden on the world.

At that time it was needed to be understood that humanity is same and leaders like Donald trump and Kim-Jung-un should take their international affairs very carefully and they are suggested to be seated on table to resolve the real issues in the favor of World to enhance the level of peace.