LONDON-Jess Glynne found writing with Ed Sheeran to be like a ‘’therapy’’ session.

The 28-year-old singer teamed up with the ‘Castle on the Hill’ hitmaker to pen ‘Thursday’ for her new album ‘Always in Between’ but their writing session wasn’t planned, they just found they hit it off when they were introduced by a mutual acquaintance.

She said: ‘’I actually wasn’t meant to be going into a studio with him.

‘’I was going in to write with a guy called Steve Mac and Steve said that Ed was about and would I mind if he came down.

‘’We spent most of the day talking and getting to know each other and having a little bit of a therapy session about what we’ve all been going through. And then we started jamming and ‘Thursday’ came out of it.’’

‘Thursday’ was written to encourage people to embrace who they really are and not put on a front for the sake of social media.

Jess explained to OK! magazine: ‘’’Thursday’ is a song about not caring what people think and to just appreciate that you are beautiful no matter what.

‘’I think social media and the way the industry is these days makes you question and judge yourself more than you ever should or did before.

‘’There was a time for me where I felt like I was pressured to be a certain way or I felt madly insecure for how I was and who I was and it takes a moment for you to step back and be like, you idiot, be you.’’