LAHORE  -  PIA management has terminated the services of Chief Operating Officer (COO), Zia Qadir Qureshi for poor performance and non-professional attitude, documents available with The Nation revealed.

The terminated officer was called by PIA management review meeting but he did not turn up nor did he inform the authorities about his absence.

On which Chief Human Resource Officer issued a termination letter which spoke, "You were appointed as COO PIA vide an appointment letter and contract dated July 04, 2017, and you assumed charge of office on the same date".  The letter further speaks, "As you are aware, the continuation of your appointment beyond the superannuation in October 2017 was subject to bi-annual review of your performance".

A letter was written to you by PIA on August 10, 2018, inviting you to a performance review meeting, however, you informed that you could not attend due to ill health. Another letter was written to you on August 13, 2018 asking you to attend your performance review meeting on August 17, 2018. But you have not responded to that letter.

You also did not apply for casual or medical leave and have not been present at your station for a past week.

Your performance review was carried out in your absence on August 17 against KPIs, and it has been determined that you have not been able to perform your duties to the required standards, or achieve the objectives for which you were brought into PIA.

I am therefore constrained to inform you that under pursuant to clause 11 of the contract, PIA is terminating your contractual appointment as Chief Operating Officer with immediate effect.