LAHORE  -  PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz Sharif has said his Party will not let democracy derail in the country although they will not back out of demand for probe into the ‘rigged elections.’

“Now the practice of changing mandate of others must come to an end,” Hamza told the Parliamentary Party meeting here Saturday. He said they wanted accountability of their votes stolen in the evening of July 25.

He said his party was presenting its point of view on the floor of House since they had been deprived of their rightful due. He said they would not give a free hand to the PTI rather fight for our right in a democratic manner. He also criticized the PTI nominee for Punjab CM office after the province was ruled by the person like Shehbaz Sharif. The name of Usman Buzdar holds no match with the name of Shehaz Shehbaz Sharif in Punjab. He termed Buzdar nomination part of the same weird and unreasonable decisions the PTI has been taking throughout. 

Hamza Shehbaz also warned of serious consequences if attempt was made again to win over the PML-N members as it was done in the election of Punjab Assembly Speaker. He said the PML-N would badly rout the PTI in the field of democracy.

He said the PTI did hold ability to meet the serious challenges facing the country. He said Imran Khan slogan of not residing in the Prime Minister House and denying protocol could not earn him popularity as he would need to deliver. Imran Khan must make good his commitment on providing jobs and constructing house for the poor.

Otherwise the masses will hold him accountable, he added.