Islamabad - Travel blogger and Polish tourist Eva Zu Beck on Saturday announced world’s first interactive travel show in Pakistan.

Since attracting international attention on Pakistan Independence Day, Beck’s ‘Kiki Challenge’ video has been featured across all major media outlets and TV channels in the country. The video, created to promote tourism in Pakistan, sparked heated debate as well as enormous outpouring of positive public sentiment.

A video showing the Polish tourist performing the popular ‘Kiki Challenge’ in and outside a PIA aircraft went viral on social media on Monday last.

Eva Zu Beck, the video blogger featured in the video, in a press conference, talked about her mission to promote tourism in Pakistan. She said that the mission of the show would be to transform as to how international travellers think about Pakistan as well as to create positive, long-lasting change to the local tourism industry. “It is high time we promote Pakistan as a tourists’ destination looking to experience the perfect combination of nature and culture in a single setting,” Beck said.

With her videos and photography already attracting millions of viewers across social media channels, she announced a new venture: the world’s first interactive travel show in Pakistan, combining the social media, TV, live content, the written word and real, on-the-ground activities.

Attracting more attention to Pakistan as a tourism hub, the travel show would work with the local organisations to expand current tourism infrastructure and ensure responsible growth, she explained.

In addition to promoting tourism in Pakistan on an international level, this programme would showcase creativity and media innovation coming out of the country’s young generation of creators. At the heart of the undertaking will be collaborations with local talent and foreign influencers, she said.